What is Action Fraud Alert?

Action Fraud Alert is provided by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau which is run by the City of London Police as a national service. Register to receive direct, verified, accurate information about scams and fraud in your area.

The system uses the Neighbourhood Alert Platform which is a secure, national community messaging facility used by Police, Neighbourhood and Home Watch, Crimestoppers,Fire & Rescue Services and local authorities throughout the UK.

The service is totally free, you can sign up online immediately and messages are delivered by email, recorded voice and text message. The system is confidential, you can opt into other services from your account here and control what you receive and who sees your information. You can unsubscribe at any time instantly.

If you are already registered on another site you do not need to re-register here, simply log in to your existing account and tick “Action Fraud” as a new Information Provider. If you are not already registered, please click the red button above and sign up today.

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Stop! Think fraud.

Dear subscriber, Did you know? Fraud accounts for almost 40% of all crime. In just one year, 1 ...

Action Fraud (NFIB)
28/02/2024 18:07:54

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